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Family Law

Thoughtful and resourceful in their approach to family matters, attorneys in our Family Law Practice Group take care to ensure our clients’ needs are met in cases regarding divorce, custody, paternity, guardianship, and relationship agreements.

Providing objective, compassionate, and experienced guidance.

Domestic matters which lead to separation or divorce are skillfully resolved with representation from our Family Law attorneys. We consult with you to make sure that you understand your rights, the legal process and your options. Then, we help you decide on an appropriate strategy. We aggressively fight for your interests in court whenever necessary.

Divorce and Legal Separations

In cases of uncertainty, our attorneys can help clients decide whether legal separation or divorce is the appropriate course of action. Couples may seek legal separation over divorce in instances regarding healthcare, tax purposes, religion, or because they don’t yet meet the requirements for divorce. From there, clients will review their property distribution demands, alimony rights, child custody and visitation needs, and potential parental counseling requirements with our legal team.
Our attorneys assess each client to assure they meet the requirements necessary to qualify for divorce, and then individuals are assisted in filing Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage. Each marriage is handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the involvement of children and other distinctive, relevant factors.
Our team provides representation for divorce and legal separation in the following matters:
  • Child custody and related issues
  • Child support and visitation enforcement/modifications
  • Paternity suits
  • Division of assets
  • Annulments
  • Spousal support
  • Post-decree modification (custody, visitation, child support and support alimony)

Prenuptial Agreements

We can assist clients in clearly defining assets and debts in advance of a marriage to significantly decrease disagreements in the event of a divorce. Clients often enter into a marriage with property or debt which may remain non-marital property and wish to outline in advance how to have that property distributed between them should they become divorced. Prenuptial agreements may also limit a client’s debt responsibility at the time of divorce and during the marriage and address issues such as inherited property and the payment of potential spousal support.
Phillips Murrah’s family law attorneys prepare a prenuptial agreement for clients that clearly defines assets and/or debt, which will significantly decrease disagreements in the event of a divorce. We work to eliminate the uncertainty that may arise by the sole reliance on Oklahoma statutes without the benefit of a prenuptial agreement.

Victim Protection Orders

Victims of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment can get protection through a VPO.
Oklahoma law provides for quick and immediate protection for victims of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment by means of a Victim’s Protective Order, or VPO.  In certain circumstances, an Emergency Temporary VPO can be obtained within 24 hours and a more permanent VPO within 10 days.
Certain legal requirements are needed to obtain a VPO, and Phillips Murrah’s family law attorneys assist clients in the process of requesting and obtaining an Emergency VPO.
In addition, our attorneys represent clients before the Court to obtain a permanent VPO, which will provide the protection needed, as well as defend against a VPO that is not legally warranted.

Relationship Agreements/Same-Sex Marriage

Sound security and legitimate legal standing is available to those in various kinds of long-term relationships. There are a handful of options available for clients who seek legitimate legal standing for their relationships, whether it be in marriage, domestic partnerships, or other long-term relationships.
Clients who seek to create financial and emotional security without marriage may seek a domestic partnership. Phillips Murrah represents both heterosexual and same-sex couples seeking domestic partnerships to secure financial, property, and healthcare rights.
We can also represent couples seeking cohabitation agreements in which couples have established relationships for long periods of time who seek neither a marriage or a domestic partnership and don’t want their relationship to be recognized as a common law marriage.
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