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What is the status of evictions and foreclosures in Oklahoma amidst the COVID 19 pandemic?

By Gretchen M. Latham In March 2020, the State Supreme Court entered an Order extending statutory deadlines, which included an extension of any answer deadline on pending civil cases. For foreclosure actions, that means many borrowers were given additional time to reply to a Petition in Foreclosure. However, even though the State Supreme Court subsequently […]

Equine Estate Planning: What if your horses outlive you?

The following column was originally published in OklahomaHorses Magazine’s July/August 2020 issue. By Phillips Murrah Attorney Kendra M. Norman It is not an easy topic of discussion, but as a horse owner, it is important to consider the care of your horses after your passing. To ensure proper care and management, it is imperative to […]

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ALERT: Supreme Court ruling impacts property and title rights across large portion of Oklahoma

The outcome of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling could have far-reaching implications for the State of Oklahoma and its citizens as it relates to property rights and land titles, taxation, and other matters involving tribal affairs.

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Efficiency programs help reduce energy load, costs

The following column was originally published in The Journal Record on June 30, 2020. By Phillips Murrah Attorney C. Eric Davis Summer’s here. That means warmer weather – and higher electric bills. However, there are ways to reduce your energy usage and save money. And chances are your utility company already has programs in place […]

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Texas Lawyer: Mid-Market Strategy to Achieve Cost Reductions that Clients Seek

[TEXAS LAWYER] Providing experienced, mid-market shareholders at a lower billing rate improves efficiency, enhances value and achieves cost reductions that clients seek.

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Supreme Court Rules Title VII Protects Gay and Transgender Employees

Today, the Supreme Court clarified that “[a]n individual’s homosexuality or transgender status is not relevant to employment decisions” and that “[a]n employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender defies the law.”

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SB 1928: Key changes to ABLE laws make curbside sales and delivery of alcohol permanent

[ALCOHOL SALES] The passage of Senate Bill 1928 in the last days of the session effectively made the ABLE Commission’s previous directives about curbside sales and delivery of alcohol permanent.

Oklahoma Opioid Decision by Phillips Murrah healthcare attorney Mary Holloway

Governor Signs S.B. 300 Providing Immunity for Physicians, Hospitals and Other Providers

[HEALTH PROVIDER LIABILITY] The recently-approved Oklahoma Senate Bill 300 grants civil liability protection to health providers through October 2020 in the event of loss or harm to a person at a facility where suspected or confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses exist, with some exceptions.

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Returning to Work – A Post-Pandemic Workplace Safety Guide

[EMPLOYMENT LAW] Post-Pandemic Workplace Safety Guide – Based on OSHA guidance and the inevitable surge of litigation in the post-pandemic US, employers should act now to both protect their employees and minimize potential liability. Before employees return to the workplace, employers should do this:

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Affidavit of Support Implications in Divorce in Marriage-Based Immigration

By Cassity B. Gies &  Sajani “Ann” Zachariah This article originally appeared in the FEB 2020 Oklahoma Bar Journal. Being the spouse of a United States citizen is the most common way to attain lawful permanent resident status, informally referred to as “getting a green card.” Each year, the United States Citizen and Immigration Services […]

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CARES Act and independent contractors – How businesses can mitigate risk related to CARES Act unemployment claims

[INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS] This article is geared towards businesses that regularly use independent contractors who may file claims for unemployment insurance benefits—discussing the risks involved and how businesses can mitigate those risks.

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[UPDATE] SBA, Treasury extended the safe harbor repayment date for PPP loans

[PPP Loans] Treasury’s May 5 guidance update extends PPP repayment date for the safe harbor to May 14. Initially, the repayment date was May 7. Click through for details.

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SBA, Treasury update PPP reg guidance for laid-off employee forgiveness exclusion

[PPP Loans] Treasury: Laid-off employees will be excluded from the forgiveness reduction calculation so long as the borrower made a good faith, written offer of rehire and the employee’s rejection of the offer is documented. 

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Phillips Murrah presents COVID-related employment law update for Petroleum Alliance

[EMPLOYMENT LAW] Phillips Murrah Director Kathy Terry presented an in-depth labor and employment videoconference about changes to employment rules resulting from new COVID-19-related federal legislation to the Oklahoma Petroleum Alliance.

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UPDATE: Senate approves bill to revive, revise PPP program

[PPP LOANS UPDATE] On Tuesday, April 21, the Senate approved a $484 billion bill, allocating an additional $310 billion in funds to the Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program, whose original funds were depleted after only one week.