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Income tax challenges for medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma

Although licensed medical marijuana businesses are now legal under Oklahoma state law, conflicting federal law creates a number of challenges for business owners, particularly with respect to federal income tax law.

A utility meter shows the current reading of electricity for a home, used to determine the rate of the customer's bill.

Anyone can take part in utility rate cases in Oklahoma

In this article, Oklahoma City Attorney C. Eric Davis discusses the process utility companies must go through to request rate increases and how different parties can participate. Q: Oklahoma’s two largest electric utilities have rate cases ongoing at the Corporation Commission. How does the rate case process work? A: In Oklahoma, investor-owned electric companies are “rate-regulated” by […]

An employee works on his invention, which is protected by intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property employment agreement is key to invention ownership

In this article, Oklahoma City Patent Attorney Cody J. Cooper discusses the rights inventors have when inventing under the employment of someone else.

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Not a Trump Card? Shuttle Drivers are Independent Contractors Under NLRB Test Emphasizing Entrepreneurial Opportunity

By Janet A. Hendrick January 28, 2019 Focusing on “entrepreneurial opportunity” available to shared-ride drivers, the Republican-majority National Labor Relations Board handed employers a victory on January 25, 2019 by holding that Dallas-Fort Worth area SuperShuttle drivers are independent contractors, rather than employees who may unionize. The decision, which overturns a 2014 decision that favored […]

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ALERT: Colorado lawsuit asserts oil and gas forced pooling is unconstitutional

A new case filed in federal court in Colorado challenges the process of force pooling certain mineral owners and working interest owners.

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Gavel to Gavel: IP agreement is key to invention ownership

Let’s say an employee invents something during the course of his or her employment. Who owns the invention? There is a common misconception that the employer always owns the rights to the invention. However, that is incorrect. The correct answer is that typically the employee owns it.

An employee looks over the employment contract that contains mandatory arbitration agreements

Mandatory arbitration agreements and independent contract drivers

In a unanimous opinion (except for Justice Kavanaugh, who was recused from the case) expected to have broad implications for the transportation industry, the Supreme Court delivered a blow to employers that seek to enforce mandatory arbitration agreements for claims filed by drivers and other transportation workers classified as independent contractors. The high court affirmed […]

A woman openly wears a hijab while working on a tablet as her workplace has guidelines to help accomodate her religious beliefs

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know

Disability is the most common and well-known basis for workplace accommodation. Although less common, requests for religious accommodations for an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs or practices, required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, are on the rise. Here is an overview of what employers should know about religious accommodations in […]

A man looks over a non-compete agreement with a pen in his hand, ready to sign.

Texas Court Sends Non-Compete Agreement Lawsuit to Arbitration

Reversing a decision that an employee’s lawsuit to declare her non-compete agreement void was not subject to arbitration, the First Court of Appeals in Houston held yesterday that the lawsuit fell within the scope of the parties’ arbitration agreement. Sue Ann Lopez was a sales representative for IPFS Corporation, which provides insurance premium financing, before […]

A mall full of holiday decorated stores prepares for the potential premises liability issues

Premise liability and Intellectual property: a sampling of holiday legal woes

As we find ourselves in the midst of another holiday season, it’s a good time to contemplate the joys this time of year brings. For many, that list includes extra time with loved ones, hearty food, and cozy pajamas. Hopefully, holiday-specific “legal woes” are less likely to come to mind. Nevertheless, holidays often have their […]

A couple in a common law marriage sit on a bench beside a pond

Highly litigated common law marriage still recognized in Oklahoma

I heard a song the other day by Pistol Annies called “Got My Name Changed Back.” The lyrics include the line, “it takes a judge to get married, takes a judge to get divorced.” Well, if you live in Oklahoma, only half of these lyrics is correct. Oklahoma is one of only eleven states that currently recognize […]

ALERT: Austin Court of Appeals: Austin Paid Sick Leave Unconstitutional

November 16, 2018 Today, the Austin Court of Appeals held that the Austin paid sick leave ordinance, which would require private employers to provide an hour of paid sick leave to employees for every 30 hours worked beginning on the first day of employment, violates the Texas Constitution because it is preempted by the Texas […]

A man holds a tablet displaying a blog on employment law as part of a firm's digital marketing strategy

Lawyers know everything – almost: Digital Marketing for Law Firms

What is brand affinity? What is SEO? Many law firms admittedly don’t know much digital marketing jargon. Historically speaking, marketing is a relatively new addition to the legal industry. Only 41 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized lawyers’ right to advertise. From what I understand – as a non-attorney working in a large law […]

An oil pumpjack drills for oil on land that an Oklahoma mineral owner leased

Oklahoma mineral owners should be informed about their options

In this article, Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Title attorney Zachary K. Bradt discusses the advantages Oklahoma mineral owners have when taking action with their mineral interests. Q: What options are mineral owners faced with in today’s market? A: As oil and gas activity in the state remains strong, mineral owners are seeing more opportunities related to […]

A small business owner finds out she must remit payment due to bankruptcy clawback.

Avoiding a bankruptcy clawback: shield your business payments

A business owner learns that one of her customers has filed for bankruptcy. She rushes to check her books and breathes a sigh of relief after seeing that the customer paid all of their outstanding invoices just days before going bankrupt. Unbeknownst to the business owner, those payments may have to be paid back to […]