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Phillips Murrah Family Law Attorney Nikki Edwards Featured in KFOR News Broadcast About Restrictive SB 1958

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Marriage rings and gavel closeup, spouses signing divorce document on background

Phillips Murrah Director and family law attorney, Nikki Jones Edwards, was featured in a KFOR Channel 4 news broadcast story on Tuesday about a bill that was introduced to modify permissible grounds for divorce.

Attorney Nikki Edwards posing for portrait photo

Nikki Jones Edwards

Senate Bill 1958, submitted by freshman Republican Senator, Dusty Deevers, a pastor from Elgin, OK, outlines changes to how Oklahoma district courts may grant a divorce, which includes one year of desertion, habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty, or insanity for a period of five years, which must be determined by “a thorough examination of the insane person conducted by three physicians, one of whom shall be a superintendent of a state institution or sanitarium in which the insane person was admitted.”

Notably, the SB 1958 seeks to remove incompatibility as grounds for divorce. Nikki pointed out that, as a result, court dockets would “be mired in hearings that need not occur because many, many people divorce by a decreed order.”


Edwards said she is also concerned about survivors of abuse, which may fall under extreme cruelty.

“But it would be up to each individual judge to weigh by clear and convincing evidence,” said Edwards.

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View the full KFOR Channel 4 news story HERE. Click on the video below to view the broadcast segment.

Nikki was also interviewed about this topic by Oklahoma Voice, which you can read here: Oklahoma bill would end incompatibility as grounds for divorce

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