Prenuptial Agreements

Clearly define assets and debts in advance of a marriage to significantly decrease disagreements in the event of a divorce.

Clients often enter into a marriage with property or debt which may remain non-marital property and wish to outline in advance how to have that property distributed between them should they become divorced.

Oklahoma law sets the definition of a marital asset, yet disagreements as to the classification of an asset or debt generally arise during a divorce. A prenuptial agreement will define the division of assets and debt should there be a divorce in a way in which both the client and spouse agree.

Phillips Murrah’s family law attorneys prepare a prenuptial agreement for clients that clearly defines assets and/or debt, which that will significantly decrease disagreements in the event of a divorce. We work to eliminate the uncertainty that may arise by the sole reliance on Oklahoma statutes without the benefit of a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements may also limit a client’s debt responsibility at the time of divorce and during the marriage and address issues such as inherited property and the payment of potential spousal support.