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Kayla Kuri, Phoebe Mitchell win NextGen Under 30 in Law

By August 29th, 2023No Comments

NextGen Under 30, which names top-performing Oklahomans under 30 years of age across various employment industries, has named Phillips Murrah attorneys Kayla M. Kuri and Phoebe B. Mitchell to its 2021 honorary list in the Law category. Phillips Murrah is one of two firms to have multiple winners in the category.

Kayla M. Kuri and Phoebe B. Mitchell

“It feels great to be recognized so early in my career and to know that other people in the community see value in my contributions,” Kuri said. “I didn’t grow up in Oklahoma, so when I moved here in 2014, I was unsure if I would ever truly feel like part of the community. But Oklahoma quickly became ‘home,’ and working for a firm as great as Phillips Murrah provides so many opportunities to get involved in the community and connect with others.

“I’m glad to know that other people in the community have taken notice of my work and felt like I was deserving of receiving this recognition.”

NextGen accepts nominations annually and seeks to highlight the accomplishments of individuals who are making a difference within their respective industries and who demonstrate talent, drive, and service to their communities.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for NextGen Under 30 going into my third year of practice at Phillips Murrah,” Mitchell said. “I feel fortunate to be at a law firm where I have so many mentors who truly want me to succeed both personally and professionally.

“Beginning with my clerkship at Phillips Murrah during the summer of 2018 and throughout my first two years of practice, I have felt supported and encouraged to by PM attorneys to do top notch legal work and become involved in our community.”

The Firm is proud to recognize Kuri and Mitchell are two of three women from Phillips Murrah to win this award in the last two years.

“I think the Firm’s culture plays a big part in the women here being successful and being recognized,” Kuri said. “One of the aspects that drew me to Phillips Murrah was the percentage of female attorneys, particularly in my practice group. You don’t often find big firms where over 50% of the attorneys are female, so I knew that Phillips Murrah would be a firm where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued.

“This is all evident in Phillips Murrah’s culture, which is what makes the firm so great. The support and mentorship of the Directors is unrivaled, and they help foster an environment where young attorneys like myself can succeed.”

In addition to striving to maintain a diverse workplace, the Firm is committed to creating a collaborative environment.

“The best part about working for a firm like Phillips Murrah is that we have attorneys in so many different practice areas,” Kuri said. “It really allows us to be a thorough resource for our clients.

“If a client I’m working with has an employment law issue, I know that I can go down the hall and get expert advice from one of our attorneys who practices in that area. Similarly, I get calls all the time from attorneys in other practice areas whose client needs assistance with a transaction or drafting a contract. The attorneys here are very collaborative and work together to provide the best counsel to our clients by utilizing our strengths in our respective practice areas.”

Read the full list of winners on NextGen’s website here.