Oil and Natural Gas Litigation

The Phillips Murrah Oil and Natural Gas Litigation Practice Group is a division of our comprehensive Energy Practice. Our Firm’s Oil and Gas litigators have extensive expertise defending a diverse base of clients in hundreds of complex oil and gas actions.

Attorneys in the Oil and Gas Litigation Practice Group represent energy-related companies in connection with a variety of disputes that arise between competing exploration and production companies, gas processing and pipeline companies, gas storage companies, refineries, service companies, mineral owners, surface owners, and manufacturers and distributors of parts and equipment used within the industry and by end users.

Our legal team’s expertise in this area includes:

  • Breach of contract
  • Drainage
  • Proper accounting for post-production costs
  • Under-reporting and under-payment of royalty
  • Construction of oil and gas leases
  • Surface and subsurface damages
  • Construction of joint operating agreements
  • Propriety of intra-company sales
  • Determination of payout
  • Gas balancing and oversold reserves
  • Gas pipeline transportation, compression and dehydration charges
  • Breach of warranty and product liability relating to down-hole failure cases
  • Class actions
  • Affiliate transactions
  • Impropriety in natural gas liquids extraction plant operations
  • Fraud, bad faith and tortious conduct giving rise to punitive damages
  • RICO
  • Anti-trust violations
  • Quiet title actions
  • Collection of unpaid joint interest billings
  • Perfection and enforcement of liens on behalf of oil and gas companies and vendors
  • Prosecution and defense of lien avoidance actions