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Russell Westbrook has his own room at the Hawkins' house

By June 13th, 2022No Comments
Brenda Hawkins Westbrook Fan

Click the photo to see Jenni Carlson’s story about Brenda Hawkins.

Russel Westbrook has his own room at the home of Phillips Murrah Director Terry Hawkins, who leads the Firm’s Public Finance Practice.

From the story in the Sunday Oklahoman:

There’s no bigger Russ fanatic.

(Brenda Hawkins) has replicas of every jersey the Thunder superstar has worn. She has copies of dozens of magazine covers he’s graced, including one from, of all things, a rural electric cooperative. She has bobbleheads and fatheads, paintings and posters.

Standing in “The Russell Room” in her Mesta Park home, she admits her love is extreme.

This past Sunday (2/19/17), The Oklahoman ran an excellent story about Terry’s wife, Brenda, who is a avid admirer of Westbrook and collector of all kinds of Westbrook-related memorabilia.

The touching account, written by sports columnist Jenni Carlson, explains the context of Brenda’s collection and admiration of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star player. It is a story of strength and overcoming.

Rather than stepping on the fine prose of Ms. Carlson, HERE is a link to the story. It is worth the read!