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Jim Roth speaks at Society of Environmental Journalists 25th annual conference

By June 13th, 2022No Comments

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Congratulations to Director Jim Roth for his efforts at this year’s Society of Environmental Journalists 25th Annual Conference, titled Environmental Journalism 2015 – Weather, Water, Energy: News in Every Neighborhood.

Jim spoke during Saturday’s lunch session on the topic of “Our Energy Future.”

“Oklahoma is a microcosm of energy rights and energy fights across the nation. Utilities are eager to add more renewable energy, but struggle with transmission power. They’re also grappling with the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which might make coal-fired plants uneconomical. The state is home to several independent oil and gas drillers, known for pioneering horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods that have fueled the recent boom. As towns push back on the industry’s right to drill in or near city limits, states are considering preempting the municipal bans. We’ll explore Oklahoma as both a microcosm and a driver of energy use nationally with experts from all sectors.” – Session explanation,

The moderator was Erin Ailworth, a Houston-based energy reporter for The Wall Street Journal

In addition to Jim, the session featured speakers, Denise Bode, Attorney and Principal, Cornerstone Government Affairs and Kyle Isakower, Vice President, Regulatory and Economic Policy, American Petroleum Institute.