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Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Phillips Murrah’s Cyber Security and Data Privacy Practice Group offers expertise in a full range of issues that challenge modern businesses.

Our Attorneys apply depth of knowledge and experiential competency to assist and guide clients through this emerging digital frontier.

From preparing preventative policies and procedures to responding in real-time to a data security breach, our Firm can quickly assemble a team of experts who will assist clients in making sound decisions.

Our collaborative team of cyber-savvy Attorneys assists clients in the following areas:

  • Fortification against tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of cyber threat agents
  • Information security policies
  • Data breach incident response and after-action reporting
  • Data retention polices
  • Cybersecurity regulation compliance
  • Cybersecurity Insurance and dispute review
  • Preventing and mitigating insider risk
  • Defending claims and lawsuits alleging damages due to data breaches
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ALFA International Member

Phillips Murrah is a member of ALFA International, the global legal network. With 145 member firms across the globe (80 in the United States), ALFA International is the premier global network of independent law firms whose success is driven by broad, deep, local relationships all over the world. Click HERE for an informational video about ALFA International, or visit to learn more.