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Phillips Murrah Paying it Forward campaign benefits Sunbeam Family Services in May

By October 5th, 2023No Comments
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Phillips Murrah's Paying It Forward amplifies the message of one non-profit organization each month, all year long.

Since December of 2020, Phillips Murrah has partnered with Oklahoma NPR radio station KGOU to sponsor broadcast announcements each month that shine a light on a selected non-profit organization. Our aim is to amplify each beneficiary organizations’ needs and goals, and to help increase awareness, drive volunteer quality and quantity, assist in fundraising support, and improve capacity to deliver service to the community. In December 2022, Phillips Murrah expanded the reach of our Paying it Forward partnership to include NPR’s other OKC radio station, KOSU.

Our Paying it Forward beneficiary in May 2023 is Sunbeam Family Services. #PIFOKC

Sunbeam Family Services

Phillips Murrah is proud to support Sunbeam Family Services, which has built a strong and compelling reputation in the Oklahoma City metro area and within key communities of practice by delivering high-quality services. Sunbeam is supported by an innovative partnership model, strong relationships, and high degree of community responsiveness. Within the legacy contributing to its strong reputation was Sunbeam’s role in establishing the seventh Educare school in the nation, integrating an early childhood program with policy, research, and systematic professional development.

Sunbeam continually aspires to be a recognized leader in early childcare and education, with specialized support for entire family systems. They consistently strive to strengthen the social service ecosystem in our communities and seek to be advocates of the highest-quality services to ensure the sustainability of their work.

Visit Sunbeam Family Services on social media:

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