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Phillips Murrah Paying it Forward campaign benefits Open Design Collective in February

By January 10th, 2024No Comments
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Phillips Murrah's Paying It Forward amplifies the message of one non-profit organization each month, all year long.

Since December of 2020, Phillips Murrah has partnered with Oklahoma NPR radio station KGOU to sponsor broadcast announcements each month that shine a light on a selected non-profit organization. Our aim is to amplify each beneficiary organizations’ needs and goals, and to help increase awareness, drive volunteer quality and quantity, assist in fundraising support, and improve capacity to deliver service to the community. In December 2022, Phillips Murrah expanded the reach of our Paying it Forward partnership to include NPR’s other OKC radio station, KOSU.

Our Paying it Forward beneficiary in February 2023 is Open Design Collective. #PIFOKC

Open Design Collective

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Phillips Murrah is proud to support Open Design Collective, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that brings together underrepresented communities and the design and city planning resources necessary to promote social and spatial change. Their mission is to support the needs of Black and marginalized communities through planning, design, and architecture.

Projects include:

  • NE OKC Storytelling Project: Preserving and protecting the oral histories of NE OKC residents through digitizing and mapping stories. Learn more
  • Deep Deuce Drive-in: A Placemaking project where Open Design Collective brought NE OKC residents back to the Deep Deuce community; a once thriving, historically Black community that is now gentrified. Learn more
  • Brockway Center and Lyon’s Luster Mansion: A cultural preservation and community engagement effort to save and repurpose these two cultural assets in NE OKC. Learn more 
  • South of 8th: A Community Vision: A master site plan and visioning effort to help support the future development of a marginalized community that has faced social and spatial harm in NE OKC. Learn more 
  • Reviving the Jewel Theater: Open Design Collective is working with local and national partners to save the Jewel Theater; the only historic Black theater still standing in the state of Oklahoma.

Meet the team!


Open Collective Leadership Team (From left): Errin McKnight (Community Designer), Deborah Richards (CDO: Chief Design Officer), Vanessa Morrison (CEO).


Visit Open Design Collective on social media:

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