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Mitchell discusses Millennial, Gen Z shift in litigating on ALFA panel

By September 29th, 2022No Comments
Attorney Phoebe Mitchell participates in a panel discussion on “The Future of the Jury Pool” at ALFA International’s Future Leaders Forum.

Attorney Phoebe B. Mitchell spoke at ALFA International’s inaugural Future Leaders Forum in Louisville, KY on Sept. 22. Mitchell was a panel guest for a session titled, “The Future of the Jury Pool.”

“We discussed the future of the jury pool—specifically, what litigating looks like now that Millennials and Gen Z could possibly make up the majority of a jury,” Mitchell said. “How should attorneys tailor their arguments in order to speak directly to a Millennial/Gen Z jury? We also discussed Millennials and Gen Z as employees and what trends employers are seeing now that Gen Z has entered into the professional workforce.”

Mitchell spoke about the Millennial/Gen Z plaintiff and the differences between litigating against an older plaintiff where, for example, discoverable information is potentially on many additional platforms (all different forms of social media) when litigating with a Millennial or Gen Z plaintiff as opposed to an older plaintiff.

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