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Phillips Murrah: Moving to Midtown

By August 1st, 2022No Comments
new building rendering 1

Phillips Murrah is excited to announce plans to relocate into a new office building to be constructed in the Midtown community, just a mile north of its current location in the Central Business District. The new corporate headquarters will include upgraded office amenities and workspaces designed to enhance collaboration and drive innovation.

The new, five-story office building’s design is intended to represent the vibrancy of the law firm, which will feature wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows and large interior and exterior open spaces. Phillips Murrah will occupy the top three floors, with the two floors below accommodating a restaurant and retail space.

“Phillips Murrah is continually tweaking its business model to address new and innovative ways of doing business, and this relocation project is the latest example,” said Phillips Murrah President and Managing Partner, Tom Wolfe. “The space will be reflective of the culture of the Firm while also being more convenient for clients.”

Midtown Motivation

One of Phillips Murrah’s motives for moving further out into the community is to participate in and benefit from the vitality of Midtown.

“Phillips Murrah’s move further reinforces Midtown as Oklahoma City’s premier mixed-used district,” said Chris Fleming, project developer and Partner at Midtown Renaissance.“Forward-looking firms, like Phillips Murrah, choose to locate in Midtown because they want to engage in the community and office in a unique, well-designed space in a vibrant, walkable neighborhood full of award-winning restaurants, desirable housing options, and unique retail experiences.”

Fleming added that being located in Midtown helps companies recruit and retain talent because it is a place where people want to live, work, and play.

“Phillips Murrah will enhance the already exciting energy of Midtown and help drive future growth in the neighborhood,” he said.

Improvements By Design

The Modern styled building will be constructed on several empty lots located near the intersection of 10th Street and Hudson Avenue, across the street from Fassler Hall. The brand-new, ground-up construction allows Phillips Murrah to work together with the builders and architects to include features reflective of the Firm’s culture and philosophy.

The interior plan includes modern collaborative work areas, generous social common spaces, and convenient, on-site parking access, all designed to better suit the Firm’s workplace and client service models.

Phillips Murrah’s leadership is also mindful of the changing nature of the workplace in a post-pandemic corporate world. To innovate in this area, flex offices will accommodate attorneys who wish to preserve the benefits of working remotely part of the time, and those who travel up from Phillips Murrah’s Dallas office.
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Other features include the modern benefits of new construction related to the latest standards for energy efficiency and space utilization.

“This building design is further influenced to be sensitive to the context of its neighborhood,” explained Brian Fitzsimmons, project architect and founder of Fitzsimmons Architects, “utilizing masonry materials at the lower levels to compliment the lower-scale masonry buildings of Midtown, while also providing a consistent smaller-scale colonnade enhancing the pedestrian experience. The top three floors that are to become the offices of Phillips Murrah step forward and are set apart from the context, reflecting the progressive and innovative culture of the Firm.”

Presenting themselves as a singular form with a single tenant, the upper three floors face the street more directly, perching atop and reaching out from the base below and balancing an otherwise simple composition with just a few subtle moves, he added.

Construction will commence this summer with a move-in date projected for spring of 2024. Updates will be available at


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Construction on Phillips Murrah’s modern, mixed-use headquarters set to begin this summer with spring 2024 projected for move-in.

(Below) The third floor of the new Phillips Murrah headquarters building will feature a large, outdoor patio that will be exclusive to the law firm. Located on the east side of the upper portion of the building, the patio will be a social gathering place with a direct view of the Oklahoma City skyline.

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