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Phillips Murrah Paying it Forward campaign benefits Oklahoma Humane Society in July

By June 13th, 2022No Comments

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Phillips Murrah Presents: Paying It Forward

Amplifying the message of one non-profit each month for a year

[Paying It Forward] In Dec. 2020, Phillips Murrah partnered with Oklahoma NPR radio station KGOU to sponsor broadcast announcements each month that shine a light on a selected non-profit organization. Our aim is to amplify each beneficiary organizations’ needs and goals, and to help increase awareness, drive volunteer quality and quantity, assist in fundraising support, and improve capacity to deliver service to the community.

Our beneficiary in July is Oklahoma Humane Society, whose primary focus is to eliminate the needless euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Oklahoma City.  #PIFOKC

July Beneficiary

Oklahoma Humane Society

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Oklahoma Humane Society exists to enrich the communities it serves by promoting the well-being of animals. Their vision is to make the compassionate and respectful treatment of animals a prevalent community value and the well-being of animals a community priority.

“Our journey begins and ends with love. We love animals and believe that central Oklahoma will see a day when every healthy and adoptable pet finds a home.”

Founded in 2007, Oklahoma Humane Society works in close partnership with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare (OKC Animal Shelter) and other local shelters.

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Previous Beneficiaries

June 2021: Arts Council Oklahoma City
May 2021: Partners in Public Health
April 2021: CASA of Oklahoma County
March 2021: The Homeless Alliance
February 2021: Mental Health Association Oklahoma
January 2021: Positive Tomorrows
December 2020: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma