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An update from Phillips Murrah P.C. about health and safety related to COVID-19

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ALERT: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Tom Wolfe

Thomas G. Wolfe, Phillips Murrah P.C. Managing Partner

As has become apparent, the COVID-19 pandemic is an unstoppable disruptive influence across almost every aspect of our lives. Like so many of our friends and clients, we have been preparing in earnest.

To that end, starting yesterday, our Firm began transitioning to working remotely. As always, our attorneys are accessible to clients via e-mail and phone. Our office is still open in order to deliver the most critical services. Additionally, please be assured that we are taking all appropriate measures to robustly protect and ensure the health and well-being of our attorneys and staff.

I would like to personally reiterate that our plan is designed to ensure continuity of the top-quality, reliable, and safe legal representation that Phillips Murrah’s clients expect. While the playing field constantly changes, our dedication to seamlessly delivering excellent service does not.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our remote working arrangements or any other concerns with which we can assist. We understand that the uncertainty that unfolds in the wake of this pandemic can be unsettling at best, and understandably frightening to many who wonder what the future holds. Please know that we are here to help.

Please be safe and kind to one another. We are grateful for our relationships and look forward to a brighter day together.

Thank you,

Thomas G. Wolfe
Phillips Murrah P.C.
Managing Partner



  • We are following the Oklahoma State Department of Health guidelines regarding how to handle our office operations in the event of an exposure or diagnosis experienced by Phillips Murrah employees and their families.
  • Our Information Technology team has activated our remote access plan to avoid contamination. We are confident in our ability to provide consistent service if total office closure is required.
  • Our Firm is aware of the importance of “social distancing,” and we are practicing these measures. During the pandemic, we are opting for telephone meetings, video depositions and remote closings.
  • If any face-to-face meetings are required, participants are able to remain separated from one another by six feet or more.
  • We have educated and encouraged our employees to implement behavior changes, if necessary, to ensure safety. This includes frequent hand washing, cautious and transparent travel plans and awareness of the value of remaining away from the office during any remote office mandate.

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