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Phillips Murrah Attorneys Attend City Rescue Mission Fundraiser

By June 13th, 2022No Comments

The Oklahoma City Rescue Mission is a Christian, faith based program that is not just a homeless shelter.  While CRM does provide temporary residence, shelter, food, clothing and other necessities for hundreds of people (and families), the goal of CRM is to help those in need gather knowledge, strength and faith, and find a solution, through its 8-10 month Bridge to Life Program.   In addition to the shelter and the bridge to life program, CRM offers a variety of social services with the assistance of over 70 different agencies, including free medical and dental care, education services and job placement.  CRM has also recently established the Food Resources Center, to help with the growing hunger issues in the City.

You can’t really comprehend how much this organization has helped our own community, unless and until you get to peek inside and learn more about everything CRM accomplishes.  Not only does CRM change lives, socially and spiritually, but it has also had an immense, positive economic impact on Oklahoma City.  These are the reasons that so many of our community leaders, individuals and businesses, have become involved in, and actively support this organization.  City Rescue Mission’s major contributors and board of directors reads like a “who’s who” of successful Oklahoma City leaders, including Hobby Lobby and the Green Family, and Jon Cargill, the current Chairman of the Board;  Bank of Oklahoma and Board Member, John Higginbotham; Mark Godwin of Braum’s Corp., Will Hoch of Crowe & Dunlevy, Chesapeake Oil, Devon Energy, Dakil Auctioneers, Midfirst Bank, Mathis Bros., Lippert Bros., BancFirst,  IBC Bank, Ted Strickland, George and Donna Nigh, and many others.  Judge Swinton and her husband Charlie, as well as Judge Walke are also active supporters, as well as Judge Walke’s son, Colin, who serves on the Board of Directors. In fact, typically, table sponsors at CRM events include every influential law firm in Oklahoma City, including Crowe & Dunlevy, McAfee Taft, Hall Estill, Gable Gotwals and others.

The Mission of Hope is the annual fund raising and “thank-you” banquet for all of CRM’s supporters.  Last year, Amy Grant performed for everyone during dinner at the Cowboy Hall of Fame, and this year, Christian Comedian, Jeff Hall is scheduled to perform.  Prior to and during the presentations, this event provides a great opportunity to promote the name and community involvement of our firm, as well as an incredible opportunity to network with our existing clients and potential new clients.

As one of Oklahoma’s preeminent law firms, Phillips Murrah believes in the importance of being a good corporate steward to our community at large. We are committed to serving the Oklahoma City community through a variety of contributions and sponsorships throughout the year by giving to and volunteering at charitable organizations and social causes.


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