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Roth: Power Ready example of Oklahoma ingenuity

By June 13th, 2022No Comments

During winter and storm power outages, most people wait patiently, understanding that the utilities are doing everything possible, around the clock, to restore power and safety.

But some rare Oklahomans actually derive business plans in the dark. Such is the case for a truly unique businesswoman I had the pleasure to meet recently.

Ginnette Overall has a truly wonderful Oklahoma story, a story of resilience and ingenuity. As a woman and Native American, her journey of overcoming barriers has complemented her business. Following the 2007 Oklahoma ice storm and an extended power outage, Overall realized that her family needed a standby generator but could not find a single dealer in Tulsa.

So, she created a solution and started Power Ready LLC, an Oklahoma-based company. Under her leadership, Power Ready LLC is a leading generator sales and installation contractor. Power Ready LLC now distributes backup generators like Koehler, MTU, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, General Electric and others. Overall’s business maintains inventories of sizes from 7 kW to 125 kW and designs and delivers and installs up to 2500 kW. The company also has experience in various fuel types such as natural gas, propane and diesel.

Power Ready LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Home Builders Association and other organizations that promote excellence in business. The Muskogee Creek, Osage and Pawnee Native American tribes already prefer Power Ready.

Power Ready LLC is also mindful of energy efficiency. Power Ready carries energy savings products such as Our Power Saver, which meets standards to reduce energy consumption. This is a technology that has been tested and certified by NASA and Honeywell. The U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the White House use this technology.

Power Ready was born out of a need and was entirely owned and operated by a woman in a world that is generally primarily made up of men. Overall’s belief was that her family and communities like it should live in a world where there is uninterrupted power. Her vision and leadership has helped make Power Ready LLC become a business with 14 full-time employees and 25 subcontracted professionals serving Oklahoma 24 hours a day. It is a company that is uniquely positioned to understand government regulations, contracting and policy matters surrounding the services it provides.

Overall has also made Power Ready LLC a philanthropic company. Power Ready LLC gives generously to Animal Aid of Tulsa and Osage Youth Services. It is stories and companies like these that help show why Oklahoma will continue to be a leader in the energy industry. Oklahoman ingenuity can overcome problems and create jobs and safeguards for families and businesses, giving back to Oklahoma itself.

Jim Roth, a former Oklahoma corporation commissioner, is an attorney with Phillips Murrah P.C. in Oklahoma City, where his practice focuses on clean, green energy for Oklahoma.