Appellate Law

Attorneys in Phillips Murrah’s Appellate Law Practice Group understand the procedural intricacies of practice in courts of appeal, working closely with a team of attorneys blending trial and appellate experience. Our appellate attorneys are experts at reviewing prior decisions and crafting skillful arguments that set forth our clients’ positions on appeal.

Appellate law involves handling cases after a trial or a proceeding before a court or agency. The focus changes from convincing the fact finder to convincing the appellate court that the position before the lower tribunal is legally sufficient.

Phillips Murrah’s Appellate Law Practice Group assist our clients ain the following areas:

  • Legal analysis, strategy and issue identification
  • Preparing trial briefs
  • Oral arguments
  • State and federal appellate courts
  • Temporary injunctions, certification matters and other complex evidentiary hearings
  • Preparing the court’s charge and attending the charge conference at trial
  • Preparing or responding to post-trial motions