Agriculture and Equine Law

The business of agriculture is an American institution, as well as a passion and point of pride in the industry. It also presents many challenges in the form of potential liability from land, crops or timber, livestock, equipment and machinery or employment. Success requires strategic planning and careful consideration of such challenges.

Agriculture Law

Phillips Murrah’s Agriculture Practice Group attorneys work with farmers and ranchers to minimize the costs and risks of litigation. They also work with insurance companies and their clients to determine liability and mitigate damage. We assist clients in matters that include:

  • Pesticide or herbicide application drift
  • Livestock liability
  • Crop and boundary disputes
  • Water rights

Equine Law

Equine Law requires a broad knowledge of the particular laws applicable to this very specific industry. With a passion for horses and the experience and equine-related knowledge to support it, Attorneys in Phillips Murrah’s Equine Practice advise clients in any aspect of equine law, including:

  • Lease and sales negotiation
  • Sales litigation
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Insurance
  • Pre-purchase evaluations and planning
  • Horse boarding contracts
  • Business incorporations
  • Stallion syndications
  • Property and zoning issues
  • Liability waivers and information on equine lien law related to boarding and lessons
  • Setting up trusts for any sort of family animal.