The Lobby at PM Corporate HQ is located in Corporate Tower at the heart of the Oklahoma City Central Business District.

Directions & Reserved Parking


Due to the construction around our office building, we are providing a downloadable information packet that will assist you in navigating to our guest parking and our office lobby.

To access this document, please click here.

Phillips Murrah Headquarters

Corporate Tower, Thirteenth Floor
101 N. Robinson Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 405.235.4100
Fax: 405.235.4133

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For the convenience of visiting clients and guests, Phillips Murrah provides visitor parking.

Parking is located in the parking garage directly behind Corporate Tower. This page contains detailed parking instructions to facilitate your smooth arrival. Should you require personal assistance at any point in your travels, please call Client Services: (405) 235-4100.

Updated Arrival Instructions:

  • From Park Avenue, turn SOUTH onto Harvey Avenue
  • Turn LEFT into the first gated entrance
  • Use INTERCOM to advise the attendant you are visiting Phillips Murrah
  • Enter garage; drive forward to visitor parking
  • RESERVED PARKING spaces for Phillips Murrah guests are clearly designated with black + white signs
  • If outside Visitor Parking is full, you may park inside the parking garage in the open spaces on the Fifth and higher floors

Parking Garage Departure

  • Exit along SAME PATH [press intercom buzzer to exit]
  • Turn RIGHT; exit via Harvey Ave.

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