Construction Litigation and Pre­Litigation Deadlines

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Roth: A recycled holiday

By Jim Roth | December 12, 2011 During the holiday season I can get a little tired trying to make sure I get the perfect gift for my family and friends; exasperated by time, budget and the lingering question of whether it all adds meaning to the season. But you know what else gets me […]

Byrona J. Maule

Haste makes waste

By Byrona J. Maule | Phillips Murrah P.C. | PayCom Report [ JULY 2010 – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK ] – Haste makes waste. There was never a truer statement – at least when it comes to terminating an employee. Just ask the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Shirley Sherrod. You probably read about […]

Change habits: Go green for Recycled Glass Week

By Jim Roth | Phillips Murrah P.C. | The Journal Record [ SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK ] – Changing our habits and our use of natural resources is not for the weak, but is truly for the strong at heart. Change is never easy, but we have a chance to begin making […]

Elizabeth K Brown

NewsOK Q&A: Economic downturn can be boon for people planning their estates

From NewsOK / by Don Mecoy Published: April 15, 2009 Click to see full story – Economic downturn can be boon for people planning their estates Click to see Elizabeth K. Brown’s attorney profile Q: Can you explain how the current economic turmoil could be a good thing for some people who are planning their estates? […]

Tom Wolfe

Executive Q&A with Tom Wolfe: Balancing justice, business savvy

By Don Mecoy • Published: July 27, 2008 Oklahoma City has several large law firms, and they compete for clients and prestige. Tom Wolfe, president and general partner of the city’s third-largest firm, Phillips Murrah, has been at the helm of the business since 2002. In those six years, the firm has added more lawyers […]

Tom Wolfe

Wolfe authors column for the Journal Record; Inaugural column focuses on the need for attorneys

When the Journal Record approached Thomas G. Wolfe, President and Managing Partner, to contribute to its “Gavel to Gavel” column once per month, he jumped at the opportunity to provide more information to the community. His initial column, entitled “Send lawyers, guns and money,” expresses the importance of having an attorney on speed-dial because one […]

Elizabeth K Brown

Limited liability companies and family business

Originally published in The Journal Record on Aug. 26, 1999. Click to see Elizabeth K. Brown’s attorney profile   Have you noticed that many new businesses are being formed as limited liability companies instead of corporations or partnerships? Have you wondered what the reason is for the change? Have you wondered whether you should explore […]