Roth: Toxic substances need new regulation

A chemical spill from Etowah River Terminal brings possible risks and consequences of lack of regulation to light.

Roth: U.S. Freeze Fuels Global Warming Debate

Presence of the polar vortex gives new life to discussions about the impact greenhouse gas emissions have on climate change.

Roth: Congress ends wind energy credits

Congress refused to renew subsidies for wind energy Jan. 1, despite it being the second-cheapest form of energy in the U.S.

Roth: Resolutions for an Eco-Friendly Life

Make resolutions that create environmental improvements with these easy changes.

Gavel to Gavel: Year end tax advice

Giving back through charitable donations can have its benefits when it comes to tax season.

Roth: Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Small changes during the Christmas season, from eco-friendly lighting to cards, make beneficial strides to a sustainable future.

Roth: Nature Conservancy Protects OK Ecosystems

The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization founded in 1951 to protect ecosystems for nature and people, continues to protect Oklahoma wildlife.

Roth: LNG Export Opportunity

The global demand for liquefied natural gas continues to grow, and the United States is in prime position to become a leading LNG exporter.

Tom Wolfe

Gavel to Gavel: Wearable Tech and Privacy

Advancements in wearable technology raise questions about people’s right to privacy in public places and in health-related matters.

Roth: What Determines Electricity Prices?

From maintenance to weather impact, a multitude of factors effect the price of electricity.

Roth: How Natural Gas is Priced

Though widely used for heating, the prices of natural gas can vary on a supply and demand scale with costs shifting from season to season.

Portrait of Phillips Murrah Director Catherine L. Campbell

Courts Eye Employer “Look Policies” for Civil Rights Violations

By Catherine Campbell “Look Policies” – policies intended to promote the company brand by recruiting and requiring employees that fit specific cultural or physical characteristics or restricting clothing accessories – are currently a hot topic at the EEOC. The agency and others have, in recent years, challenged companies that institute such policies on civil rights […]

Roth: How are gas prices determined?

Crude oil costs, retail costs, and marketing are among the factors that determine the price of gas.

Roth: Governor’s Energy Conference a Success

Gov. Mary Fallin’s third-annual energy conference successfully exhibited Oklahoma’s key role in the nation’s current energy renaissance.

Roth: U.S. Leads Europe in Natural Gas Production

European Union lawmakers recently voted to force energy companies to carry out in-depth environmental audits before they initiate hydraulic fracturing to recover natural gas, oil and liquids from shale rock. The result is a setback for the shale gas industry in Europe, where many citizens are more concerned about the environmental effects than the benefits […]