Phillips Murrah Directors to present: Defending (and Preventing) Lease Cancellation Lawsuits

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Phillips Murrah logTuesday, Aug. 13
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma Headquarters
500 N.E. 4th Street, Oklahoma City

As leasing and drilling increase, so have lawsuits by mineral owners seeking to cancel existing leases. More often than not, those suits allege that existing wells have ceased producing in paying quantities, and therefore the leases are no longer HBP.

Photo of Director Zac K. Bradt

Zac K. Bradt

The presenters of this Lunch & Learn will be Phillips Murrah Directors Zachary K. Bradt and John M. Bunting. They will discuss how operators can defend against lease cancellation lawsuits, including factors that Oklahoma courts consider when determining whether a well is producing in quantities sufficient to hold a lease.

They will also discuss how operators can resolve such disputes outside of court; and how to prevent a lease cancellation suit by determining whether an existing lease is HBP prior to purchasing it.

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Photo of Director John M. Bunting

John M. Bunting

Zac K. Bradt is a Director and an attorney in the Energy & Natural Resources Practice Group. He represents both privately-owned and public companies in a wide variety of oil and gas matters, with a strong emphasis on oil and gas title examination.

John M. Bunting is an attorney practicing all facets of commercial litigation and insurance coverage law. His experience includes representing clients in complex commercial disputes; representing energy producers, disposal well operators, and oilfield service companies; representing auto dealers in disputes with manufacturers and competitors; and helping business clients obtain insurance coverage.