A new Community Service Committee project – A new success!

Oklahoma County Bar Association Briefcase

[ NOVEMBER, 2009 – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK ] – Unemployment numbers are rising in Oklahoma despite the state being labeled “recession proof.” Taking cues from other bar associations on both coasts, the Community Service Committee decided to take on a new project to assist those who are unemployed in our community.

The Econ-Aid 2009 subcommittee teamed up with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission’s Fall Job Fair on Friday, October 23, to do just that. Members of the committee handed out brochures from various agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Oklahoma Bar Association, YWCA, OK 211 Organization, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and United Health Alliance, to name a few.

These brochures offered phone numbers for utility service assistance, free to low-pay health clinics, domestic abuse hotline numbers, and many other places offering assistance while people are out of work. Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma joined in with an adjoining booth to answer legal questions and provide assistance. Both the OCBA and Legal Aid booths were quite popular with the over 1,000 job seekers.

The Community Service Committee wishes to thank those who took the time to work the OCBA booth: Jim Palmer of the OK Corporation Commission, Pat Podolec, Jim Priest, Keren McClendon, and Ray Zschiesche. Also, a special thanks to the Legal Aid booth workers: Rachel Galindo, Brian Bishop, Rick Goralewicz, and Gary Briggs. Keren McClendon & Ray Zschiesche. Pat Podolec & Jim Preist.